why we give

Declaring your desire to steward everything God has given you according for his purposes. 

God loves a cheerful giver and he has asked us to give intentionally, regularly and generously so we might grow in maturity of our faith. Giving is also a means to release the stronghold that finances and material things have in our lives.

Tangibly joining in God’s Kingdom work through the local church.

There is always the temptation to just be an observer in the church, to sit back and allow others to carry the weight of our church. Giving demonstrates you are an active participant and investing not only your time and talents, but also your treasures in the local church.

Ensuring ROCKHARBOR has the resources to live out our vision for the future.

ROCKHARBOR has big dreams for the future of our church, and big needs for today.  Your giving is the primary means for providing for this future. The church doesn’t have outside funds or income-generating activities, we have you!

the invitation

We want to invite you to be “all-in” with us and the future of ROCKHARBOR. We’re asking you join us through your generosity to the church as one of the markers of spiritual health.  We are grateful for the generosity and faithfulness of thousands of families that sustained our first 20 years and the next 20 years will require even more.

Try giving for 90 days and we believe that you’ll discover the joy and richness of living a life of generosity and be inspired for a lifetime!

Give Regularly

If you give regularly, we want to challenge you to give generously by giving 10% of your income and living on 90% for 90 Days.

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Give Generously

If you attend ROCKHARBOR and you don’t give to the church, start by making a commitment to give regularly at your campus for 90 days. 

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Leave a Legacy

If you give generously to the church, consider giving sacrificially beyond 10% towards efforts that will have long-term impact on our future.

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Information on what it means to have a biblical perspective on stewardship and how to go about getting on top of where each dollar is going.


Listen to sermons about generosity, financial maturity and participation in the church.


Together, Life Groups will go through curriculum to encourage one another to live sacrificially and give generously as they are transformed to become like Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Great books on the biblical view of finances and steps you can take for financial health.


after the challenge
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